Indoor Challenge: 5 Exercises to Try If You Have a Small House

If you’re living in a tiny house, there’s a high chance you’re having difficulty finding enough space to exercise. With gyms closed and most of your family members at home, it won’t be easy to go through your regular fitness routines. Before you give up on your fitness goals, you might want to try some of these exercises that are possible to perform in small spaces. Check them out.


Yoga is one way to burn your calories without having to go to the gym. This type of exercise doesn’t require much space, so it’s easy to do at home. You’ll only need a mat and, in some cases, foam blocks.

To do yoga, you only need to master a few poses. Among the basic ones that you can learn for weight loss include the ever-popular plank pose, the cobra pose, and the triangle pose. These three are especially known to help burn belly fats and develop abs.

Aside from weight loss, yoga is also a popular form of exercise to improve flexibility, manage stress, and strengthen your muscles. You can easily find tutorials on YouTube or enroll in online Yoga classes to kickstart your journey to fitness.

Tai Chi

If you’re not fond of yoga but want to experience the benefits that come with this type of ancient practice, consider tai chi instead. Similar to the former, tai chi is good for weight loss and stress management. However, compared to yoga, tai chi involves more than physical poses and breathing techniques.

Since it was originally developed as a form of martial art, tai chi requires more movements than yoga. But since it&rsquoh;s also meditative, it’s slower and gentler compared to other forms of self-defense. To date, you can easily enroll in an online on-demand tai chi class to get your body moving while at home. Some forms being taught online are especially adaptive to cramped spaces.

Cardio movements

Who says cardio activities are limited to running and cycling? There are lots of space-saving exercises that you can try out in small spaces, such as in your room or balcony. Among your best bets include squats, crunches, push-ups, and sit-ups. Even burpees and jumping jacks don’t require much space.

Just be sure to look for a place with a strong foundation since you’ll be jumping and hopping during the whole process. Try to complete as many reps as possible. To see faster results in your body, rest for a few seconds between each move.

zumba class


There’s a reason why most moms are portrayed doing Zumba in front of the television at home. This popular fitness program lets you move your body without invading much space. This favorable feature makes Zumba a good exercise choice for people who are stuck indoors.

What’s more, Zumba lets you lose weight without realizing you’re exercising. The music will help you focus on the rhythm and forget about the sweat and bodily discomfort that naturally come with workout routines.

Chair exercises

Remember those stretches you used to do at work to avoid the backaches? You can practice them at home, too. But to make them fit for your weight loss plan, you can transform these common moves and create a complete calorie-burning cardio workout.

To start, place your chair in your desired workout space. Sit on it and maintain a good posture. Put your hands behind your head, raise your right leg, and twist your torso at the same time. Do it in a way that your left elbow touches your right knee as you twist. Repeat the same to your left leg. Do this routine 10 times. You can also look for other cardio chair exercises on YouTube.

Additional Tips

  • Take advantage of space-saving workout accessories. These include resistance bands, dumbbells, and even exercise balls.
  • Invest in wireless headphones. Since there are other people at home, it’s best to keep your workout playlist to yourself.
  • Transform the small space you got to the ideal workout space. Take out any piece of furniture that may hinder your movement. Stay away from the bed or television to keep you from distractions.

It’s normal to find new numbers as you hop on the scale since the pandemic began. With most of our time now spent indoors, it’s no surprise that many Americans experienced undesired weight gain. If you’re one among them, now’s the time to get physical and lose the extra pounds.

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