Healthy Things You Need to Stop Doing to Achieve Better Health and Wellness

The COVID-19 crisis served as an eye-opener for everyone who has been taking their health for granted. With healthcare being an extremely expensive commodity, it only makes sense that we start prioritizing our health and wellness more. But did you know that many of your seemingly healthy habits can actually be bad for you?

These days, many people became obsessed with their health. They try to do every possible thing that can help boost their health and immunity. The sad thing is, not all things you deem healthy are actually helping you become more healthy.

You Worship Your Mind

For most people, their mind is their ultimate torturer. The mind never shuts up and gives you all possible scenarios of what could go wrong if you take risks. It can stop you from being the best you can be by turning down your ideas and saying these are nothing but crazy and pointless.

The thing is, thoughts are not always facts, meaningful, or healthy. You could be listening to your anxious mind which is why you never started a hobby you’ve always wanted to try. You could already be missing life’s simple treasures just because you listen too much about your anxious mind.

There are also some people who refuse to listen to their doctors just because negative thoughts are always clouding their minds. You could be needing a private MRI scan to help your doctor diagnose your symptoms. But if you simply ignore your doctor’s recommendations just because your mind tells you it is not safe nor necessary, you are already putting your health at risk.

It is time that you stop worshiping your mind. Negative thoughts will always be there and that is okay. Find ways to calm your anxious mind and you will find it easier to adopt habits that will actually help you achieve your goals.

You Think Diet and Exercise are All That Matters

sleep deprivation

Exercise and your diet do play a huge role in improving your health. But the note that these two are not the only things you need to boost health and wellness. There are other factors that can influence your state of health, including sleep, stress, and self-care.

Sleep deprivation stops your body’s ability to heal and repair itself after hours of hard work each day. The more you deprive yourself of sleep, the less energy you will have the faster your aging process will be. The more restful sleep you have each day, the more energy you will have to keep up with a healthy lifestyle.

Your stress levels can influence your health and even manifest symptoms. It can even result in emotional and mental health issues. By effectively managing stress and prioritizing self-care, you are also giving yourself the chance to boost your health and wellness.

Indulging in Hand Sanitizer

The pandemic made everyone stock on alcohol and hand sanitizers. We could use these in case we can’t wash hands with soap and water, especially when in public places. But for most people, they decided to take it to themselves to indulge in hand sanitizers even at home.

The problem is, over-the-counter antiseptics are currently under review by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These consumer antiseptics may be available to the local public. But then, there is no evidence that these are more effective when it comes to illness prevention when compare to proper handwashing.

Some experts are also concerned whether or not too much sanitizer usage can have an impact on one’s ability to combat nasty germs and viruses. This is why it is best to stick to soap and water instead of hand sanitizers. Even if there is not much evidence against hand sanitizers, it would be in our best interest to choose soap and water instead.

Taking Nutritional Supplements


Many of us would rather take the easy way of improving our health. For most people, this includes drinking supplements instead of raking the real thing. But then, blindly relying on supplements can actually do more damage than good.

There are recommended levels of important nutrients set by the experts. Taking supplements may help ensure you get the recommended levels. But most of the time, the health claims over nutritional supplements are actually made by randomized controlled trials.

In a nutshell, not all supplements underwent enough studies. Some supplements can actually put your health at risk. It is best to get the necessary nutrient you need from real food instead of popping a pill or two.

There are many other health practices that can actually harm our health. It is important that we do enough research and to only trust the experts before believing a health fact. If you want to start improving your personal health and wellness, then it is time to educate yourself better and stop seemingly innocent habits from ruining your health.

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