Advantages of cosmetic dentistry

Is it worth having your teeth straightened as an adult?

With cosmetic dentistry, it is easy to assume that all the benefits you experience will be aesthetic, but this is not the case.

So, what are some of the key advantages of seeing a cosmetic dentist Bondi Junction, and are they all cosmetic? Read on to find out!

Better dental health

Overall, having a straighter, whiter smile is better not only for photographs but also for your dental health.

Cosmetic work, such as dental implants, invisible aligners and even veneers, can reduce the occurrence of decay and gum disease by minimising the amount of plaque and bacteria in your mouth, leading to better dental health long term.

Better general health

Undertaking cosmetic dentistry can improve your overall health by reducing the amount of plaque in your mouth.

If you are having your teeth straightened, for instance, this will allow fewer hiding places for plaque in your mouth. And with fewer hiding places for plaque, less of it can seep into your bloodstream and associated issues are reduced. This means that your chances of developing diabetes, cancer and even a stroke or heart attack will be reduced greatly. So, cosmetic dental work is about more than just brighter teeth!

Better bite

How can cosmetic dental work produce a better bite? With orthodontics!

If your upper and lower jaws do not mesh, you likely suffer from headaches, a stiff jaw and even temporomandibular joint disorder. You are also more likely to have trouble sleeping. And whilst aligners are unlikely to help with that, other cosmetic orthodontic options, such as lingual braces, can resolve these issues. This allows you to get a better meshing bite whilst also keeping your smile intact.

Less sensitivity

Interestingly, many patients avoid procedures such as dental whitening and veneers due to myths that surround them about oral sensitivity.

However, when you visit a dentist who is trained in these areas, a whitening procedure can be adjusted so that your teeth are not negatively impacted by the oxidising gels. Alternatively, you could talk to your dentist about having veneers fitted; this can provide a whiter, straighter smile whilst also covering the microscopic holes in your enamel, resulting in reduced sensitivity.


woman smiling

Whilst this article hasn’t focused on how a cosmetic dental professional can improve your self-esteem, it is one of the key things that they can do.

Many people are unaware of how much their smile impacts their self-image, and so, when you pay a trip to your dentist, you may be surprised at what a set of veneers or even some whitening can do.

Many cosmetic dental teams can offer you a computerised image of how your smile will look once the procedures have been completed, so you will know what to expect. This also allows you to make adjustments based on how you want your smile to look and talk about different procedures with your dental team.


Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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