Dental implants in Herefordshire: Something to smile about!

We all know that 2020 has had its challenges, but dealing with missing teeth needn’t be one of them. Now is the time to distract yourself from worrying about local lockdowns and whether or not it’s 6 in a bubble indoors or outdoors. Now is the time to focus on you. If you’ve been worrying about having missing teeth, you need to give yourself some attention and make a positive change for your oral health.  Having missing teeth can lead to gum disease and other complications, but by getting implants you can prevent this from happening and give yourself a completely natural looking smile.

What are implants?

Implants are titanium screws which are attached to the jawbone and act as artificial roots for your replacement teeth. You can have one or more teeth replaced – you can even have a whole set! The benefits of titanium is that this metal will bond with the bone in your jaw because the body sees titanium as natural tissue to which blood vessels and bone tissue will grow (nature’s amazing, right?!) Replacement teeth can be crowns, bridges or dentures and once they are fixed into place, they should be as secure as your natural teeth. You won’t need to worry about what you eat and drink as they shouldn’t loosen. If looked after properly by brushing and flossing regularly, they may even last you a lifetime.

How are implants fitted?

patient with dentist and assistant

Implants are fitted by the dentist making holes in your jawbone into which the screws are placed. You will then get temporary replacement teeth attached to them while they bed into your jawbone. Once this has happened, you will return to your dentist for the final replacement teeth to be fitted. With the permanent teeth in place, you should find that they are secure and look natural.  What’s even better than natural teeth, however, is the fact you won’t be able to get cavities in replacement ones!

Nervous patients

If the thought of having holes drilled into your jawbone sounds like the stuff of nightmares, try not to panic and run for the hills!  This is a minor procedure which can be carried out with a local anaesthetic. The pain should be less than with a filling as there aren’t as many nerve endings in the jawbone, however, you won’t feel a thing. If you are very nervous, there is also the option of conscious sedation where you can have sedation that will keep you awake, but you will be a lot more relaxed – think: the lights are on, but there’s nobody home!

Getting implants should be one of the best ways to replace missing teeth and protect the face from shrinking, or the gums from getting infected. Aesthetically, you will be able to smile with confidence knowing that you don’t have any gaps. If that isn’t enough to persuade you that implants are the way forward, then why not check out some before and after pictures of patients who have received this treatment already?

Getting implants could be the solution to one of your worries at a time when we may not have as much control over other areas of life. Why not do it for you?

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