I Don’t Want Dentures – What Are My Options?

Tooth loss at any age can be quite traumatic, and there have even been reports to suggest that the loss of teeth can be as traumatic as losing a limb. Our teeth say a lot about us; they are the first thing people see when they meet us. We all know that a big, beautiful smile can go a long way in forming new friendships or making the right impression at work, so it is no wonder we feel so self-conscious when something happens to our teeth.

The options for replacing teeth have greatly evolved over the last twenty years, and although in the past, the idea of false teeth or dentures was really soul-destroying, the evolution of these products has now made them aesthetically pleasing options. And if dentures really aren’t for you, then perhaps dental implants Nottingham could be another option.

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Why Do We Lose Teeth?

Great question! We lose teeth for all kinds of reasons; sometimes, it’s a health condition that causes bones to reduce or even the medication we’re taking for something else. It could be a life of smoking or poor oral hygiene or neglected decay or gum disease. Then, of course, there are those patients who lose teeth due to accidents. I had a friend who lost his front tooth in secondary school riding his bike – accidents happen, and he got a new tooth within the week!

What Can Be Done

Which tooth replacement system you end up going for will come down to a few factors and be a decision you make alongside your dentist. There is no one correct answer, and just because someone lost their tooth for the same reasons as you did doesn’t mean you’ll be able to find a replacement solution that matches theirs.

Factors To Consider

The first thing you need to consider is the reason you lost your tooth. If this was a fluke accident and you’re young and healthy, then you certainly should be thinking about a long-term solution that’s going to both look and feel like your natural teeth. In these cases, dental implants Nottingham are an excellent solution because they can last an entire lifetime if they are taken care of properly. The process of surgery can be a little invasive and sore, so if you’re in your later years, you will need to weigh up the impact of the surgery against its advantages.

The second thing to consider is your age and more importantly, your health. If you have lost a tooth due to poor oral health, a lack of bone density or years of smoking, then maybe something less invasive such as dentures would be a better fit for you. I know dentures have had a negative reputation in the past for looking false, slipping or even falling out, but this appliance has come a very long way in its technology. Today, there are some fantastic natural-looking dentures available that can adapt to your life much more easily and quickly than other systems.

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