How important is a visit to your local dental surgery?

For many, visiting a dental surgery for their scheduled bi-annual check-up may not be a top priority. Despite this, however, staying on top of your dental health correlates directly with one’s overall health, and is therefore not something to be overlooked. Understandably, work, family, and even social commitments may lead to an individual postponing, re-scheduling, or even cancelling their consultation altogether. If you are considering doing any one of these things, then you may wish to know a little more concerning the importance of a dental check-up at your local dentist Richmond!

Is there something more stopping you visiting your local dental clinic?

There is a common misconception within the field of dentistry that dental anxiety is only experienced by children, teenagers, and those of the younger generation. This mis-belief is actually far from the truth: dental anxiety is experienced by patients’ of all ages (even adults) and is something that dental teams are extremely familiar with.

Easing your dental nerves.

Dental anxiety is not something to be overlooked, and is something taken very seriously at dental clinics worldwide. If you are an individual who is feeling nervous before visiting your local surgery, then you may benefit from seeking further help.

What can your clinic do to help?

Nervous patients’ may feel alone with their anxiety, however they may be comforted to know that nerves within a dental environment are actually extremely common, and something their local practice can assist with. Patients’ who are considering rearranging their bi-annual check-up may benefit from a conversation with their dental surgeon over the phone. Dental healthcare professionals boast a wealth of knowledge on the subject whilst being eager to tend to any queries or concerns the patient may have before their visit.


So… why is staying on top of your dental health so important?

Despite being often overlooked, visiting your local practice on a bi-annual basis can make a huge difference to the health of your smile, and your overall health too. Oral bacteria in the form of plaque can build up over time: a routine cleaning procedure referred to as a ‘scale and polish,’ which is administered within a check-up, can help to remove this build-up, thus resulting in a cleaner, and happier smile.

What else can patients’ expect from a visit to their practice?

For many patients’ suffering from dental anxiety, knowing what to expect from their visit can make the world of difference. Dental check-ups are quick and thorough assessments of the teeth, mouth, and gums and aim to decipher any signs of more serious dental concerns. In addition to answering several questions regarding any changes to their diet or medication, patients’ can expect to be given an oral examination, and a potential x-ray of the teeth. As previously mentioned, a scale and polish is a common procedure administered during a dental check-up and takes just a few short minutes. But what exactly does this treatment entail?

How does a scale and polish work to reveal a cleaner smile?

A scale and polish embraces the use of both special interdental brushes and abrasive paste to remove the build-up of tartar on the enamel surface. This treatment can be delivered quickly and hassle-free at your local surgery, and helps to prevent the development of oral diseases and infections (such as gum disease, to name just one common example).

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