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Every smile is unique

A person’s smile impacts their day-to-day lives to a far greater extent than they may initially realise. A smile, in it’s essence carries more significance than merely expressing happy or joyful emotions, but rather acts as the key and pivotal social asset which plays a crucial role in almost every social interaction we have. Having a smile which is symmetrical, white and healthy looking has been proven to increase the likelihood of making long-lasting human connections with others, and similarly, having teeth which are stained, crooked or missing can have the exact opposite effect. Whilst every smile has beauty and value in its own right, an increasing amount of patients across all age demographics are seeking out a dentist in Soho to help address a cosmetic issue they have with their smiles, and increase their inner confidence.

Smile makeovers

One of the most effective ways of maximising the impact and power of your smile, is to carry out a ‘smile makeover’ from a trusted cosmetic dentist. Many patients out there may feel unsatisfied with how their smiles look, but may not be able to exactly pin-point what one aspect of their smile it is they wish to improve, or how best cosmetic dentistry can help them to do so. This is where the expertise of the cosmetic dental specialist is called upon, as they can listen to the patient’s needs and concerns, and then suggest a specific route of treatment. For example, somebody who is wishing to prepare themselves for an important social occasion such as a wedding may wish to opt for cosmetic teeth whitening, whereas someone who is visibly missing teeth may find that dental implants are best suited to their needs. Once the practitioner has discussed the patient’s treatment options, and they have arrived at one which both feel would meet the patient’s needs, then the practitioner will take x-rays and photographs of the patient’s existing dental state. This is essential before any course of treatment is initiated, as certain underlying gum and tooth conditions – such as gingivitis or periodontal (gum) disease – can prevent certain procedures from being carried out. After the x-rays and photographs have been reviewed, the practitioner will then create a unique and tailored treatment plan alongside the patient and illustrate to them the results they can expect after treatment has been completed.

The Invisalign retainer system

dental treatment

One of the most popular forms of cosmetic dentistry, is the installation of the invisalign retainer system. This is a revolutionary new method of correcting teeth which are slightly misaligned or out of place, which has gained massive popularity across the globe because of it’s ‘discrete’ and hidden nature. Unlike conventional orthodontic routes – such as traditional fixed braces – then the Invisalign retainer system aligns a patient’s teeth without requiring anything to be bonded to the front or backs of their teeth. Rather, the system works entirely through a custom moulded, transparent plastic retainer. This retainer fits perfectly over every patient’s unique tooth structure, and uses pressure points within its structure to gradually push the required teeth into their proper position. Because of their wafer-thin and transparent makeup, when the Invisalign retainer is worn, it is made almost completely invisible.

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