The Do’s And Don’t In Maintaining Invisalign

If you’ve decided to invest in Invisalign then you’re in for a treat, you’re about to start a journey to a happier smile and you’re going to love every second. The Invisalign cost London isn’t small and so taking care of your investment is key if you want to fully reap the rewards that Invisalign has to offer. To assist you on your journey of Invisalign management here are the big do’s and don’ts in taking care of your trays.


Well, yes, obviously but actually in all seriousness lots of people, too many people, can quickly get slack in cleaning their trays, and unfortunately, you can’t hide the evidence as tartar clearly shows on the surface of the aligners. If you want to take good care of them you should invest in a non-electric soft bristle brush that you use alongside a soap to give them a good gentle scrub whenever you’re brushing your teeth.

Another investment to sit alongside your Invisalign cost London would be cleaning crystals. These little gems are excellent to help assist you in getting off those nasty bacteria bugs and give you back a clear shine to your aligners. What’s the point in invisible braces if they’re all foggy from lack of cleaning?


Yep under no circumstances are you to eat or drink anything but water in your aligners. The act of chewing can cause damage to the trays and not only end up costing you money in replacements but will also set you back in getting your teeth super straight. Avoid all liquids other than water as anything with colour could easily stain the surface of your aligners which you really don’t want and even flavoured waters could contain acids and sugars that will decay the plastic – best stay clear.


Haha – you think I’m joking? Again we’re all human and people do easily slip into terrible habits of not cleaning their teeth regularly or well enough. It just really isn’t enough to be doing one quick daily brush. Ideally, you should try when using Invisalign to brush after every meal as bacteria can really easily multiply when you’re wearing your aligners.

Flossing is now more important than ever so try and carry floss with you too! You’ll thank me in the long term and so will your teeth!


You wouldn’t believe how many trays get lost or broken because they’re been left on a side or left in the bathroom or left on the kitchen table – yup that happens! You’ve spent a lot getting these trays and you need to really take care of them. Always carry a case for them so if you do need to take them out you have somewhere to put them where a) they won’t get broken and b) they’ll be much harder to lose!

Invisalign in a case


Just because you can take them out doesn’t mean you should! You should be wearing your trays for at least 22 hours per day. You can only not wear them for super special occasions like weddings etc.

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