Migraine Management: What You Should Do

A migraine is much more than an ordinary headache. It causes a person to experience intense pain, nausea, and sometimes even vomiting. They become sensitive to sound and light, too. Whenever it happens, it can immediately ruin your day and affect your life.

Fortunately, there are ways to manage it without having to sit back and wait until it ends. These simple steps will help you get ready the next time a migraine strikes. Although you may still experience migraines even after following these pointers, these home remedies might bring relief and help you get back to your daily life.

Try hot and cold therapy

Similar to putting an ice pack or a heating pad on a sore or injured knee, applying it to your head can also provide you with the same relief. Everyday Health says that hot and cold therapy can provide soothing, numbing relief to a person suffering from migraine. This technique is beneficial if sun or heat caused your attack.

Meanwhile, some people find using a heating pad or going on a hot shower to be therapeutic when migraine hits. And since you’re only applying it externally, it can safely complement any of the pain-relief medications you’re taking.

Rest in a dark and quiet room

One of the most common symptoms of migraine attacks is sensitivity to sound and light. So, whenever you feel better, try to change your room to make it dark and quiet so that you can have a better sleep if you’re having an attack. Although not all headaches respond well to rest, Everyday Health says that your brain releases chemicals during sleep that may help ease your pain. Also, if you’re sensitive to sounds, you can consider blocking them out.

a dark and quiet room

Manage it early

Healthline says that timing is crucial, especially when it comes to alleviating a migraine. So, it’s best to take your medication as soon as you feel like you’re going to get an attack. Experts recommend taking your medicine during the prodromal phase of the attack. It’s when your body releases a warning sign that a migraine attack is coming next. Understanding when it strikes will help you get the best chance of alleviating the pain before you get a full-blown migraine.

One of the critical signs that you need to watch out for is sensitivity to sound or light. You’ll also experience mood changes such as anxiety or irritability and will have trouble concentrating. Some even have some food cravings or may sometimes feel tired or fatigued.

Know what causes it

Knowing what causes your migraine can help you take additional steps to find relief. For instance, do you have migraine attacks whenever you’ve had barely a little to eat? Some people often have attacks whenever they haven’t had enough food to eat, which causes a person’s blood sugar to drop. If you believe that you have migraine attacks whenever you’re hungry, then eating something like crackers or sandwiches should help. If you combine this with your medicines, then it’ll give you better chances of getting relieved.

There are instances when a person can suffer from migraines because of dehydration, too. So, if you haven’t had the right amount of fluid in a day, ensure that you get a drink of water to avoid triggering an attack. It’s an effective way to treat your condition as you get your pain treatment to manage your migraine.

When paired with particular types of medication, these home remedies work for many people. If it still doesn’t work or alleviate your pain, you may consider talking to your doctor about a change in medication.

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