Do you have misaligned teeth? Perhaps it’s time for Invisalign

Are you feeling anxious about having misaligned teeth? Maybe you have crowded teeth or gapped teeth, a crossbite or underbite? Whatever your alignment issue might be, there is a range of discreet methods for realigning your smile. One of them is Invisalign Weybridge. Invisalign is used for mild to moderate alignment issues, and it can be used with people who have got their adult teeth. There is, however, a special range for teenagers as well.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a system that uses aligners to cover the teeth and push them into the correct position over a period of approximately 6 to 18 months. They are made of plastic, so when they are worn they are transparent and nobody should be able to see that you are wearing anything in your mouth. The plastic is durable and should be difficult to break, reducing the risk of needing to take time off work or school for emergency appointments with your dentist. The aligners should be comfortable to wear because they are made bespoke for your mouth. An Invisalign dentist will use iTero technology to digitally scan your mouth and acquire the measurements for the aligners to be manufactured in the Invisalign laboratory. From this, they will also be able to show you an animation of what your teeth will look like after treatment, before you’ve even got started with it, just to give you the motivation you need to look forward to the great results by wearing your aligners.

How often will I need to wear the aligners?

The aligners are removable for up to 2 hours a day. This means that you may remove them at mealtimes and you will be able to take them out while you clean your teeth. You can also remove them when you want to play sports, or sing and dance – the choice is yours! By removing your aligners for these things, you will not need to worry about adapting your diet, lifestyle or oral hygiene routine. You can continue your life as normal with Invisalign and get the beautiful smile you deserve to have in the process.

Are the aligners comfortable to wear?


The aligners should be very comfortable to wear being made of plastic and fitted to your mouth’s specific measurements. However, there may be a little discomfort as you get used to your new aligners, but it shouldn’t be painful at all. Each week, you will have a new set of aligners to wear and you will be given 6 weeks’ worth by your dentist. After this, you will then need a check-up with them and they will give you the next batch of aligners.

Anything else I need to know about Invisalign?

To find out if Invisalign is the right treatment for you, you will need to book in for an initial consultation with a dentist who offers Invisalign. You may wish to find a dental practice who offers a free consultation for this purpose. During the consultation, the dentist should listen to your concerns about your smile, examine your teeth and mouth, as well as take X-rays, if required. From here, they should then be able to suggest treatments that will suit your needs, explaining what each one involves and answering your questions. You should then be able to make an informed decision about the treatment plan you want to have. If you do decide to have Invisalign, you could have a wonderful smile in no time at all and nobody should know how you are doing it!

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