Orthodontic dentistry improves more than just your appearance

Findings from a YouGov survey support the thought that confidence is closely tied to the look of one’s dental appearance. In a survey that investigated smiling in work photos, it was found that a mere 28 per cent of people smile, displaying their teeth in work-related photos like on professional social networks (LinkedIn) and work passes. Reasons cited for not showing teeth in smiles included not liking the look of one’s teeth. Three-quarters of the employees who participated in the study said that how their teeth looked had a profound effect on their levels of confidence and that an unsightly dental appearance adversely affected confidence at work.

It is not just in professional settings when a great smile is needed; one may rely on an aesthetically pleasing smile to form positive first impressions in social contexts too. We derive much information from an engaging smile; we infer how approachable, friendly, intelligent or compassionate a person is. Thanks to the influential role having a winning smile offers, it can easily be seen why so many adults are turning to orthodontic dentistry to give them designer-like smiles. One such treatment that continues to create a buzz in dental circles around the globe is Invisalign Leicester.


Benefits of orthodontic care

Orthodontic treatments can help play a role in maintaining healthy and happy lifestyles. By correcting teeth alignment issues, one can improve multiple areas in one’s life from dental health to psychosocial wellbeing.

The most obvious benefit of orthodontic dentistry is improved dental health. Crooked teeth can cause all sorts of problems; a major one is not being able to clean teeth and gums effectively. Teeth that are out of alignment create awkward areas that a toothbrush cannot reach. These areas become a haven for bad bacteria and trapped food to flourish, giving rise to the build-up of enamel-destroying plaque and tartar deposits. Unless professional dental care is sought, these deposits can lead to cavities, eventual tooth loss and periodontal disease.

The effects of poor oral health are not confined to just the mouth. Researchers have found that bad oral microbes can filter into the bloodstream where they can reach vital organs such as the heart and lungs. Patients suffering from gum disease have an increased risk of poor cardiovascular health as well as lung infections. Making teeth easier to clean through orthodontic help can minimise the risk of gum disease and the resulting consequences.

Orthodontic treatment plans also benefit mental and emotional health thanks to raised confidence levels that are an outcome of an attractive physical appearance. A good dose of confidence supports the ability to form friendships and enjoy a healthy social life. This confidence can also be applied to professional contexts where first impressions are important. Research has shown that the chances of being hired often fall on how attractive one is perceived to be.

Based on the benefits of straightening teeth, it can easily be seen how orthodontic help can transform the life a person leads. A consultation for orthodontic care can help you eat better, clean teeth better and smile better, which can open doors to job opportunities as well as finding love and friendship.

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