Show That Your Style Means Business

Many people will tell you that you have to dress for success. There is a semblance of truth in that. If you are a confident person, it will show in how you carry yourself. That is an important trait in the business world. When you want to close deals, people would want to trust and believe in your capabilities. Your appearance will make the initial impression, and sometimes, that can be the deciding factor in a negotiation. After all, if you present yourself in a sloppy or lousy manner, you can come across as someone who is not taking things seriously or just plain unprepared.

Remember that being successful in business takes a lot of effort. If you want to get noticed and respected, you better do it with style.

Snappy Dresser

How does one become a snappy dresser? You have to exude professionalism and confidence from top to bottom. Show them that you put thought and preparation into how you present yourself. Nothing about your ensemble should say that you just threw whatever you saw in the closet.

Dressing up for a business meeting, interview, or conference is all about careful planning. Before you even put your suit on, you have to check for imperfections and creases. It has to be spotless and should be ironed smooth. When you put it on, you also have to be conscious about how you move about. Be careful in getting it dirty or rustling it in your seat. You have put this all together for a specific purpose, so until that is done, make sure that you look perfect.

Face Value

Your face will be the first thing that people look at during formal meetings. It will be the conveyor of news and messages. When you are doing a presentation, your look can either inspire or distract. Your aim, of course, is to do the former.

First, you have to work on your smile. That will be your ticket to charming everyone in the room. That is how you will get their attention, and you need that for them to listen to you intently during your presentation. If you are not confident to show that due to some issues with your teeth, do not worry. A visit to your orthodontist should help. If you have crooked pearly whites, they can help align them with braces. You will have to wear that for about two years. But that should be all worth it because it will allow you to beam that beautiful smile with no reservations.

Before you join a conversation, spend some time checking yourself in front of the mirror first. You want your face to be clear of blemishes and dirt, or even foreign objects. It may sound funny, but that happens. There are countless stories out there of people having ink on their faces or tape stuck on their cheeks. It was too late when they found out, or the person they were talking to pointed it out to them.


The Finer Details

In a meeting of professionals, some are privy to the little details. How you fix your hair or even your choice of the tie could be scrutinized. The finer grooming that you do to yourself should not leave any stone unturned. Do not forget about trimming or cleaning your toenails even though they are hidden inside your shoes and socks. The same goes for your fingernails. Although people do not practice shaking hands anymore due to the pandemic, a clean set of nails is seen by many as a sign of one’s orderliness.

Do not just focus on what people can see. Also, take time to make yourself smell good. Choose perfumes that have a mild scent to be on the safe side. If you are unsure that your choice will be liked by others, have someone at your house get a whiff of you first before you go.


Accessories can add style points to your overall look. But as with everything else, do not overdo it. Having a nice wristwatch will show that you value time. Wearing one that is made for sports is okay as long as the design is on the understated side. You want to avoid the rugged-looking ones that have camouflage patterns or any other color. Stick to those that have black straps as they fit well in most outfits.

Bags can be used for fashion or function. It is understandable if you would go for the latter if you have a lot of stuff with you. But if it clashes with your outfit, like how a backpack does with a suit, it is best for you to carry it discreetly rather than having it close to your body. If it is time for you to sit down, you can lay the bag down on the floor and cover it with your legs to keep it secure and out of sight.

If you mean business, a large part of it is your sense of style. You want to be pleasant to look at to get noticed and respected by others. Besides, it is fun to make yourself look good once in a while.

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