The greater impact of smiling associated with our lives

A whole segment in the dental industry is devoted to serving this need, comprising a diverse array of dental cosmetic enhancements available to dental practitioners to help patients achieve the smile that they want, from Veneers in Liverpool to smart orthodontic technologies such as Invisalign braces. An online poll carried out by Harris Poll on behalf of RealSelf that delved into the most desired improvements sought by UK respondents included 43 percent who reported wanting to improve the appearance of their teeth with a wide variety of cosmetic dental enhancements. Smile makeovers are considered life-transforming procedures as a patient’s smile is linked to more than just how they look, but also to how they feel about themselves. The reason for this is simple. While it may not be at first apparent, a smile (especially one that is considered aesthetically pleasing and brimming with confidence) is a significant part of an individual. To understand this better, one only has to look at some of the benefits of having the ability to smile.

5 Physical benefits linked to smiling

The charity organisation, Smile Train UK, offers a deeper insight into why smiling is said to be so transformative and a huge part of an individual’s life. Some of the positive effects of smiling include the following:

Reduces stress levels

The damaging effects of stress on emotional and physical health are well-documented which is why any method that has the capacity to lower stress levels is worth investigating. Through smiling, certain muscles are fired up in the facial area that stimulates the release of endorphins – a chemical in the brain associated with happiness and a positive mood. This chemical has a particular lowering effect on stress.

woman with a bright smile

Bolsters the immune system

In addition to stimulating the production of endorphins, the happiness effect of smiling also stimulates the body to produce serotonin, a neurotransmitter known to encourage wellbeing as well as strengthen the immune system. This is probably why laughing is considered one of nature’s most effective types of medicine.

Positive impact on heart health

There are many reasons why a wide ear-to-ear grin is good for you and improving heart health by stimulating blood flow to the heart is one of them. The production of endorphins helps in this regard in addition to reducing blood pressure.

Boosts relationship prospects

An aesthetically pleasing smile can open up opportunities for romantic relationships by boosting self-confidence. Self-confidence is said to be seen as an attractive trait to be admired in itself.

Improves one’s career prospects

It is generally known and accepted that confident people are more likely to succeed in life. They have the required confidence to grasp career-building opportunities. Confident people are able to carry off a more convincing professional demeanour which can instil trust.

An in-clinic oral exam conducted by a reputable dental practitioner is the only reliable way to assess a patient’s smile makeover needs and determine which treatment method is most suitable. When choosing a dentist to help fix your smile look for one that is patient-focused, where treatments offered are aligned with patient needs and goals.

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