The importance of technical SEO for good dental SEO

Search engine optimisation or dental SEO is a key component of dental marketing, without which your marketing campaign will suffer. If you are investing in dental marketing you want a campaign which attracts a wide audience and finds you quality patients with good conversion rate optimisation or CRO, to help boost the success of your dental practice. To help you do this you need to speak to a digital dental marketing team, who will put together a strong dental marketing campaign that will place emphasis on dental SEO and help create a strong online presence for you. Without dental SEO it is difficult to achieve a strong online presence, as prospective patients will not be able to find the content that you are creating. Whether this is a website, social media pages, blogs or advertisements, you need good SEO techniques in place to make sure that prospective patients can find your marketing material easily and are interested to find out more about what you have to offer.

What is dental SEO?


SEO is a system of techniques and strategies which are maintained on a regular basis to help your website and other digital content to rank high in search engine results pages or SERPs, such as Google. Google is the most popular search engine in the world and most people use it to discover content online and search for local services, including dental practices. Being able to achieve a top position on Google SERPs can lead to an increase in traffic to a website. The greater traffic you attract, the more chance there is of converting this traffic into actual patients at your dental practice. This is CRO and it is an important outcome of effective SEO.

What is technical SEO?

There are different types of SEO which you need to address to make sure that you have a successful dental marketing campaign for your dental practice. Technical SEO is the process of ensuring that your website meets the technical requirements of Google and other search engines, to help boost your position in the SERPs. Technical SEO helps Google and other search engines to find, crawl, render and index the pages on your website, so that when a prospective patient is searching for terms that you have addressed in your digital content, your website or page will be one of the first ones that is presented to them on the SERP. There are so many different factors which make up technical optimisation, therefore, it is important to speak to your specialist digital marketing team to take care of this for you. Unless you are trained in information technology, on your own you will become overwhelmed with the technical jargon and the complex techniques involved to maintain these factors for your website.

To begin with you need to have a secure website as this will determine the trust and credibility of it. This means that your website needs to be using a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificate. This reassures the visitor that all data is encrypted so any sensitive information cannot be traced. There are hundreds of other aspects which need to be addressed. To find out more about the different factors involved in technical SEO speak to your digital marketing team today.

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