The role of the internet in effective dental marketing

In this age of digital technology the most important tool in dental marketing is the internet. As long as you can be found on the internet, you can attract new patients wherever you are. Everyone is looking for their answers online and the days of patient loyalty or word of mouth referrals are now a thing of the past. If someone is experiencing dental issues or they are looking for a dentist in the area they will type this into the Google search bar. When they press search and they are presented with a long list of websites it is important that your dental practice is at the top of that list. To do this you will need a good dental website to begin with. Most dental practices have a website in place, therefore it is important to speak to an award-winning marketing team who will have the knowledge and expertise to create a bespoke and modern website for your practice that will address all the aspects of your business, educate about the importance of good oral health, inform about the different treatments and procedures that you are able to offer your patients and encourage further dental treatments such as cosmetic dentistry where possible.

What is Google SEO?

Once your website is in place you need to make Google aware that you have the answers to what your potential patients are looking for. To do this you need to maintain search engine optimisation on your website. This means keeping Google happy so that it boosts the position of your website on the list of any search results carried out with regards to dentistry in your area. There are different techniques which need to be carried out to maintain this and this includes a keyword system which involves finding out what the most popularly searched dental terms in your area are and then using these words throughout the website repetitively but strategically, so that Google recognises that you have what the potential patient is looking for, and boosts you up the list. The higher up the list you are the greater the chance of attracting new patients because in this day and age people do not have the time to sit there and browse through long lists they will look at what is presented to them first and then usually become distracted afterwards. Google lists paid advertisements at the top, which is obviously the most effective way in attracting attention but also the most expensive. The organic search results follow the paid advertisements and this is the list that you need to top to make the most out of your dental marketing. Speak to a good marketing team to find out more.

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The importance of social media

Social media is another important tool in marketing your dental practice. There is such a large percentage of people on social media that it is important to utilise this medium effectively. Social media helps build relationships with patients and potential patients and each platform attracts a different type of audience. By tailoring your content to each platform you can nurture your existing patients, build trust and credibility for your business, widen your audience and eventually bring more patients through your door. Speak to an experienced digital marketing team today and find out more about what you can do to help boost the success of your practice.

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