Ways for Massage Therapists to Survive This Pandemic

For spa therapists and masseuses, they now stand in the brink of early retirement. Even those who have just entered the industry must find extra ways to be relevant and generate income during and after quarantine measures. Because of the physical distancing enforced all over the country, spa and massage therapists have to be creative in how they’ll survive the impact of the pandemic on their industry.

But how can a massage therapy business in Pleasant Grove or other cities thrive even amid a pandemic? How can they restart their businesses after the lockdown and quarantine measures? How can their clients feel safe going to these therapy centers after the threat of the pandemic?

Engage and Connect During the Quarantine

Continue engaging with your clients even if you are all quarantined in your homes. Use social media to connect with your new and previous clients. You can teach them relaxation and self-massage techniques. You can answer their concerns and questions about massage therapy.

Another way to demonstrate your value to clients is to design personalized massage therapy plans. You can consult with your clients via Zoom, Facebook, and other channels. You can extend this service for free to show that you understand this is a difficult and different time. Use high-resolution photos and videos to help clients through exercises. Give feedback and guidance through videoconferencing channels.

Extend Gift Certificates and Reschedule Clients

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Ask your clients to postpone their schedules for now. They can reschedule their appointments for two to three months from now. Be generous in the rescheduling of appointments. If possible, allow them to reschedule the therapy until December this year or further.

To boost your income now while in quarantine and with your therapy centers closed, you can offer for your clients to buy gift certificates. These certificates can be used when the centers open again. You can let the clients pay for half of their regular treatments now, while they can pay the other half when things return to normal.

Gain Understanding of New Laws and Ordinances

In a few months or so, all states are bound to open up again. Businesses will be allowed to open their doors once more. The government will likely provide new laws and ordinances on the “new normal.” Before you decide to open your business, make sure that you understand the policies that will be employed in your area. There will be safety measures and policies in place, so make sure that your business is ready to adopt these.

Institute Sanitizing Protocols

Because you offer hands-on services, a massage therapy center must be extra careful in cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing your massage rooms and communal areas. Objects that clients are most likely to touch should also be disinfected. If possible, do thorough disinfection and sanitization at least once a week or every two weeks. Consult the guidelines by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on the cleaning and disinfection processes for businesses scheduled to reopen.

Businesses, especially massage and spa therapists, must be ready for the new norm after the pandemic. Although times are changing and they have become harder for businesses, don’t lose hope. If you have developed a good relationship with your clients, you will have an easier time transitioning to the new norm.

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