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Across the country, a growing percentage of new patients are increasingly turning to dental implants to harness the true potential and beauty behind their smiles. Whilst dental implant treatment isn’t exactly a new phenomenon, it is a field of cosmetic dentistry and science which has only recently reached its zenith. Nowadays, patients who are missing one tooth – or even several teeth – can have their smiles completely and durably restored in such a fashion as was previously thought impossible. Implants typically involve just one short procedure, and can have a lasting impact on the confidence and self-esteem of patients who opt for it. Anyone who is in need of implants should give serious thought to the potential benefits that having a whole set of healthy teeth could bring to their lives.

Dental health benefits of implants

Besides the potentially more obvious, cosmetic, advantages that having a whole set of teeth can have for patients, there are also an abundance of health benefits that dental implants can bring to patients. One such health benefit is the prevention of bone loss around the jaw tissue of the patient. This bone loss takes place if there is an untreated gap where a patient has lost a tooth which is left for a substantial amount of time. In order to remain healthy, bone tissue in a patient’s face or jaw must be constantly stimulated or active. This activity usually happens through chewing. However, if the stimulation of the bone tissue stops (as the tooth has been lost, for example) then eventually – given time – the patient’s body will redisperse the inactive bone tissue elsewhere. The resulting bone loss often has a profound impact on the entire facial shape of the patient, and can make them seem far more old than they actually are. This bone loss is one of the most negatively impactful side effects of having an untreated gap in the patient’s mouth. Additionally, the likelihood of infections and dental issues such as periodontal (gum) disease is far greater with those who have an untreated gap in their mouths.

Seeking treatment

Dental care

Thankfully however, problems such as bone loss or the increased risk of periodontal disease are entirely and permanently preventable through seeking out the one-time solution of dental implants. Unlike similar methods of filling gaps in teeth such as crowns or dental bridges, implants fill the space from its foundation – rather than simply covering it up superficially. This is done through the creation and insertion of a titanium-alloy, artificial tooth root. After the initial consultation and examination period has been carried out – during which the oral health levels of the patient are assessed and they are deemed medically fit enough to complete treatment –  the installation procedure is carried out. This consists of stripping back a portion of the patient’s gum tissue, between the gap in their mouths. Then the titanium-alloy socket or root is surgically embedded deeply inside their jawbone. As titanium has the unique ability to bond itself with bone tissue, the root becomes fused permanently with the existing jawbone over a short time. After fusion has taken place, a replica tooth is fixed into the socket and the hole is effectively filled forever. Implants, as they are attached in a fashion similar to natural teeth, look and feel almost completely identical to them and will keep the patient happy for an extended period of time.

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