Experience a new lease on life with dental implants in Ipswich

Are you looking to upgrade your smile and restore your ability to eat and drink without any hesitation? Have your dentures become loose or do you have a gap in your smile? Perhaps it’s time to consider the possibility of having dental implants in Ipswich.

One of the main advantages of having dental implants is that they mimic natural teeth and can look and function in a similar way. This means that patients can enjoy food and drink without having to worry about restricting certain food items or avoiding hot or cold temperatures when it comes to beverages. In addition, dental implants help to encourage healthy teeth and gums so you can enjoy improved levels of oral health care overall.

Say goodbye to cavities

Did you know that patients who have a dental implant fitted are at no risk of developing cavities or plaque build-up on their artificial teeth? While it’s important to care for your implant and ensure it’s always hygienic and well maintained, implants are made up of durable resin and cannot decay.

Dental implants help to shape a patient’s face

One of the leading advantages of having dental implants is that they can assist with supporting the structure in your face. Not only will it prevent it from changing shape but it can result in the patient appearing more youthful. Patients who lose their teeth lose support in their jaw and face which can result in altering their outer appearance and having their face shape misaligned.

dental implant

Enjoy dining out with friends and family once more

For those patients who struggle with eating certain foods and being able to bite and chew with ease, fear not as dental implants are able to help restore your bite force. Did you know the implants are actually anchored into the patient’s jaw when fitted using a titanium post? This is in place of the tooth root which will enable the patient to be able to bite with the same amount of force one does use their natural teeth. Other tooth replacement solutions don’t enable the same amount of bite force as they are usually placed on top of the gums rather than being anchored into position.

Enjoy improved levels of natural speech and pronunciation levels

Another advantage of having dental implants is that they can enable improved levels of speech. Missing teeth can affect your ability to pronounce certain sounds or letters and thanks to dental implants this can be corrected.

What will occur in the dental implant surgery procedure?

For those patients who may feel anxious about the concept of having the implant surgery, fear not as it is clinically proven to be safe. Once you have been deemed as a viable candidate you will proceed to the next step which involves minor surgery performed under local anaesthetic. Following the surgery, there may be feelings of minor discomfort but no excessive pain. This can be easily treated with a few over-the-counter painkillers and will not cause any major downtime.

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