How Orthodontics Could Do Much More Than Straighten Your Teeth

So we’re likely all well accustomed to the most obvious benefit, teeth straightening offers us… straighter teeth. A straighter smile has long been the desired look for the majority of the population and with smartphones now capturing what can feel like every second of our lives, having a smile straight as a ruler has never been more popular. But are there other reasons we might want to undergo orthodontics Navan and if so what are they?

A Straight Smile Is A Clean Smile

Believe it or not, the straighter your teeth are, it’s likely the cleaner they are too… well if you clean them.

Basically imagine your teeth is a bookcase and imagine a bookcase that’s got big books and small books all mixed up, some are lying horizontal, so are vertical, it’s a total mess and trying to sort through it all to get to the back to clean, well it’s a right faff and an almost impossible task. When our teeth are overlapped, crowded, or gapped it means cleaning between them properly is much harder and because of this areas between the teeth get neglected and it’s this neglect that causes a buildup of plaque and later tartar which leads to… yeah you got it… decay and or gum disease. Neither of which you want if you want to keep a full set of gnashers well into your winter years.

So basically through an orthodontics treatment, you’re going to make an easier clean smile and an easier clean is a healthier smile.

A Straight Smile Is A Effective Smile

The way our teeth fit together is actually really important to the function of our mouths and more importantly the way we chew and thus digest food. Making sure that we are a) producing enough saliva when chewing and b) chewing food enough before it enters our stomachs can have a serious impact on our bodies’ natural digestive system. We start the digestion process from the minute that delicious pieces of prime-cut steak hit our lips, not when it reaches our tummies. For this reason, having a straight smile that means the right teeth meet to chew in the right place is key.

White teeth

Beyond just the function of our digestion, it’s worth noting that how our tummy is feeling impacts our brains too. The brain-gut connection has undergone some serious research in the last 15 years and it’s now clear how much a sad gut can make for a sad brain. Just worth noting.

A Straight Smile Keeps Us Off The Grind

It’s fairly common knowledge that teeth grinding has been linked to poor teeth and jaw alignment. If you’re someone who’s developed an over or underbite and has signs of teeth grinding or jaw clenching then an orthodontic treatment could be just what you need to set your jaw and teeth back in line and stop those banging headaches. I can’t guarantee the kids will be quiet for five minutes though but we can all hope and pray for the day.

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