Taking Care Of Clear Braces

If you’ve decided to start your journey to straighten teeth using a clear brace system then keeping on top of the cleaning and care of the clear braces in Clapham should be top of your priority list. It’s very easy once you begin a clear brace journey to fall into bad habits regarding your aligners and oral hygiene in general so as to avoid this here’s all you need to know about keeping on top of your clear braces.

Oral Hygiene The Basics

Oral hygiene is super important no matter what area of dentistry you’re looking at, as, having complete oral hygiene that follows all best practices can really help patients avoid later troubles with their teeth such as gum disease or decay and this is not more relevant that when you begin to use a clear brace system.

To follow a complete oral hygiene routine practice you need to do the following: brush twice daily for at least two minutes, make sure to clean a full 360’ of the tooth’s surface and pay attention to the gum line. Floss in between all teeth every day, again this is the only way to ensure you get between each tooth properly and adequately remove all the built-up plaque and tartar.

If you are able to and you are someone who suffers from bad breath you could take up tongue scraping as a practice or could invest in an appropriate mouthwash. It’s important to note that both these practices are not a replacement for a tooth cleaning or flossing and should only be used as extras when it comes to tooth care.

Cleaning Clear Braces

When you clean clear braces you need to use a soft bristle manual toothbrush, it’s really important that it is manual and not electric as the power from an electric toothbrush could damage the aligners, which could not only be costly but could also set back your progress thus far.

Invisalign in a case

When choosing a daily cleaning product you need to be using a colourless soap or toothpaste, ideally something that’s going to be kind to the plastic surface. It’s also recommended that people look into a cleaning solution for their aligners, these come in many different forms and range in price points but for the most part, all do the same thing. You can look at Invisalign cleaning crystals, retainer brite or even just unbranded denture cleaner. These types of products will clean off 99.9% of bacteria and give back the clear braces and their crystal-clean shine.

The Needs To Knows

You can’t eat or drink when you wear your clear braces and so need always carry a hard case so you’re able to keep them safe. It’s also a good idea to carry a travel toothbrush and mini toothpaste as giving your teeth a clean after every meal and before you put your clear braces back in will help guard against the buildup of plaque and tartar. If you are unable to clean your teeth you should be rinsing your braces at the very minimum.

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