Remote Working: 6 Self-care Practices to Handle Stress

Since the pandemic, most of us have been assigned to work from home. It has been a significant shift not just with corporations but with individuals as well. From an employee’s perspective, there are a lot of pros and cons circulating this change. 

A recent survey shows that 72% prefer a mix of working from home and going back to the office while the rest are evenly split with exclusive remote work or exclusive office work.

Working at home has its perks. Gone are the stressful workmates and the tiny working spaces. You have a sense of freedom at home. Some might have forgotten this and are buried in their devices with non-stop meetings and paperwork.

With the new normal, you can adjust almost everything to your preference. You can add some snacks near your area, a humidifier, or a scented candle to soothe you. Other things are recommended as well to practice self-care even when you’re working from home.

Maintain a healthy diet while staying hydrated.

It is a good idea to keep a water bottle near you and remind yourself to drink water at least twice an hour. People lose track of time when they’re working and can completely forget the basics.

Preparing a healthy meal is a must too. Sure, food deliveries, cup noodles, and canned sausages won’t hurt, but having them every day is different. Give yourself some time to prep a meal on the weekend so you can reheat it when it’s time for you to eat. Nothing is healthier than a home-cooked meal.

Be consistent with exercise.

It’s easy to forget to be physically active when you have been glued to your chair throughout the day. Besides having a regular working chair, you can invest in a standing desk to give your back a stretch.

You can also do a five to ten-minute exercise before or after you start working.  Practice having it in between, too, to reduce overall long-term mortality risk. Walk around the house, do a bit of yoga or cardio.

Maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Having a small space designated solely for your work is an excellent way to set some boundaries. You will be able to differentiate where your office and home are. Working from home has made it challenging to have a work-life balance because we seldom work in our bed, kitchen, living room, or any other part of the house that is meant for something else.

When you have a permanent working area, you’ll be able to set a boundary and balance work and life. Also, don’t eat your lunch at your working table and have it properly in the dining. You can even eat with your family and relax like you would on a regular lunch break.

Don’t forget to be strict with your working hours. Set a time, and don’t let work muddle in with your personal life. Just because you are home doesn’t mean you’re always one call away.

Have a regular check-up.

doctor holding a clipboard

A basic routine like a regular check-up is normal to forget or ignore since no one wants to risk it due to the pandemic. But it is relatively essential to have everything checked to be assured of the possibility of growing complications and detect life-threatening diseases (like COVID-19).

An eye check-up is recommended since we are prolonged from using our mobiles and computers while working. A regular visit to a dental specialist won’t hurt for the same reasons as a routine check-up — to be sure that you have no underlying dental issues while you’ve been long cooped up at home.

Consider your home office setup.

Investing in a good chair and table set up will bring you the comfort you need. Even if you live in a tiny space, it’s still good to have a working area with an ergonomic chair and table.

Just like what was mentioned with the work and life boundary, not only will it bring you some sort of separation from your personal life, it is guaranteed that you’ll have less body ache and be able to relax more later on.

Have enough sleep.

This is quite obvious since you can’t function without proper sleep. You might get carried away once your work ends, surfing through social media or doing what relaxes you.

It can also be tempting to wake up late since you won’t have to do the preparations you usually do when you once went to work, giving you the privilege to sleep and wake up late. But doing this will significantly affect your mental health. Your work might be affected, too. Thus, it’s best to stick to specific hours and make a schedule to get at least eight hours of sleep.

The work-from-home setup differs from every state and city, influenced by different factors. But the commonality is that everyone is experiencing its perks, and of course, its downside. Some examples are lack of funds, devices, and resources. Others can have a lack of space and are possibly stuck in a stressful environment. With it being beneficial, remote work means no more trains and cabs. In addition, you can have more time for yourself and save more on food. Practicing self-care is essential for everyone. Not only are you taking care of yourself physically but mentally as well.

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