Approach to Health and Wellness: How Millennials Differ From Older Generations

Generation Y, more commonly referred to as millennials, were born between 1977 and 1995. Like any other generation, they have their own differences compared to other generations. They usually have the “you live only once” or YOLO lifestyle. They value experience over things.

Millennials believe that job satisfaction is associated with having the opportunity to grow and learn, flexibility, and a positive work environment. This is why many are switching their nine-to-five jobs to remote and flexible work. They yearn for a work-life balance and would very much be willing to take more risks compared to other generations.

Millennials also have a different approach to health and wellness. They are more willing to explore other ways to prevent diseases, treat their symptoms, and in starting a healthier and happier life. The following list is just an example of how different millennials are when it comes to approaching health and wellness.

Millennials as the Wellness Generation

Millennials are among the top consumers of health and wellness products. For them, wellness is an everyday pursuit. They tend to exercise more frequently than older generations. They are also into healthier eating habits than the previous generation.

This generation uses their love for technology in chasing better health. They use internet research to find ways of improving their health, in searching for possible reasons for their symptoms, and in finding the right professional to help them manage their health.

This is one reason why millennials are often seen job-hopping. They are willing to jump from one career or job to another in hopes of finding a career and personal life balance. They crave to be healthy, financially stable, and have a thriving career they love.


Willingness to Try Healthcare Alternatives

Generation Y is also into other healthcare alternatives. They recognize that traditional healthcare offered by healthcare providers and institutions is helpful in preventing and managing diseases. But this generation also recognizes that there are natural alternatives to traditional healthcare that can help in improving their health.

Millennials are known to be advocates of mental health. They try hard to normalize mental health talks and were successful in urging employers to reconsider their processes in favor of employees’ mental health. They are now using alternatives in hopes of achieving a healthier state of mind.

Since millennials are finding ways to cope with their mental health, many are exploring alternative medicine to improve their mental well-being. So, they are now exploring other ways aside from visiting a health professional and joining support groups.

More millennials are exploring acupuncture therapy, yoga, herbal medicine, and aromatherapy. They know that these can help them in managing their symptom. This is one reason why doctors now recommend such methods to help their millennial patients in achieving their health and wellness goals.

Health and Wellness Through Social Media

Millennials are known for their activeness in social media. Virtually all millennials use at least one type of social media platform. They use such sites to keep in touch with their loved ones, in finding the information they need, and in sharing health and wellness information with family and friends.

This is especially true in the midst of the Covid-19 crisis. Millennials became more active in social media in hopes of finding the right Covid-19 information. They try to share Covid-19 facts with their loved ones in hopes of keeping themselves as well as their family and friends in better health during the crisis.

Millennials also use social media to be healthier. They do research using social media platforms to find the right healthcare professional. They check reviews, patient reviews, and interactions to check if a certain clinic or professional can best cater to their health and wellness needs.

Another health-related way millennials use social media is to find tips on how to live a healthier lifestyle. They follow their favorite influencers and try to copy how they manage to stay healthy and happy. They use their favorite celebrities and brand ambassadors as a way of improving their health.

According to a report, millennials first turn to influencers found in social media for medical advice. This may not be advisable since there are many things one needs to consider before changing their diet and lifestyle. This is one reason why health and wellness content is a big hit on social media.

This list shows just how different millennials are approaching health and wellness. Compared to older generations, they are after preventive healthcare and alternative medicine than traditional healthcare. They are willing to try other things in hopes of improving their health and wellness. They are also using technology for health’s sake more than older generations do.

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