Attracting new patients to your dental practice using an effective patient attraction system

It is important to have an effective patient attraction system for your dental practice because dental patients are usually loyal and and long-term and therefore by making sure that when a person is looking for a new dentist in the area you are one of the first websites that they come across you can help increase the number of patients at your practice and boost the success of your business. To put together a good patient attraction system it is vital to keep in mind the 7 P’s of dental marketing. These include the profile of your practice, the people that you have on your team, the actual premises of your dental practice, the prices of your treatments and procedures, the promises of quality dental care and good customer service, and the proof of quality dental care and customer service and finally the products that you are able to offer your patients which they may not be able to receive elsewhere. By addressing all these points not only will you have created an individually tailored and highly personalised patient attraction system but you will also have ensured that you are doing the best that you can for your dental website.

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Addressing the 7 Ps of marketing

The profile of your practice is extremely important because this addresses the actual brand of your business and your USPs, information that is needed to create an eye-catching homepage. When a potential patient sees your homepage it is important that you can grab and hold the attention of the reader within the first 5 seconds and encourage them to click on your website and explore the rest of the information and content that you have created on there. The remainder of the website is made up of the other P’s of the marketing mix. Firstly we will address the people on your team and the premises of your dental practice itself using photography and written statements from yourself and your staff. Pictures of your dentists and the rest of your team looking happy and smiling confidently with their beautiful perfect smiles is very important in reassuring the patient that they are in good hands. It is also important to help personalise your website and let potential patients imagine themselves in your setting around your team, which is important for most people because as we all know dental phobias are very widespread and people have to think twice or many times to consider dental treatment unless absolutely necessary.

Promises of quality dental care and good customer service should be made throughout your website and proof of quality dental care and excellent customer service can be portrayed using plenty of before and after pictures of treatments carried out at your dental practice alongside excellent reviews and testimonials from existing and previous patients. By speaking to a good dental marketing team you’ll be able to find out more about how to utilise the 7PS of marketing for an excellent patient attraction system and help boost the success of your business today.

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