Telltale Signs You Need to See an Ortho Specialist

It is almost the second-year mark of the global lockdown in a few months, and that means almost two years of working from home. If your companies are still implementing the setup to keep you well and safe, you should be grateful, but you should also be wary of some mobility issues that people may face because of the setup.

What mobility issues? Let us first talk about how much you were moving during the pre-pandemic era. Even if you are not a physically active gym-goer buddy, you are getting enough movements to keep your bones and muscles strong and firm. Imagine the amount of time you used to spend sprinting to catch a cab to work, or even take public transport? Even then, there are chances that you would just be standing up on the bus until you get to work, not to mention another round of sprinting and huffing when you are about to be late. You might not have been able to appreciate these small workouts, but they helped you maintain an average but healthy physique

But now, are you still even getting enough movements?

Did you know that the muscles holding in your joints called ligaments and cartilage do lose their luster when unused for a very long time? The same way that you lose muscle mass when you stop working out, and yes, that happens with the brain too. So, how are your bones holding up? Does walking to the nearest grocery make your knee ache? Well, here are more possible signs that you need to see an orthopedic or a specialist about your bones:

Standing Even for a Little While Hurts

This condition can happen to people whose weight is too much for their ankles to bear, but also with people whose ankles and feet got so brittle and weak. This case calls for solutions, such as regenerative medicine, to be treated. It can mean that your ligaments and muscles may be deteriorating which is why they can no longer support your weight and movements.

You Get Cramps Even for Minimal Movements

One downside of not getting enough movements and not doing regular stretches is losing your muscle’s natural flexibility. This is bad because this condition can tear your muscular veins when you so much as to try to reach your back in the shower. Furthermore, this can trigger other complications that will make matters worse if left unattended.

Human bodies are designed to be flexible and moving, once you stop doing so, your physiology weakens as well. So, check-in in with yourself, if you are struggling to get a good sleep at night because you get a sudden stiff neck, then it is time to see a specialist.

Your Back Hurts Almost Every day

One result of the work-from-home setup is long hours of sitting down, and it has been this way for almost two years. Imagine the stress and strain your spine must be dealing with, especially if you do not have ergonomic furniture to help you out.

It is not just a matter of bad posture, because your bones and muscles will suffer from accumulated physical strain. If you haven’t been really moving during the whole duration of the lockdown, chances are, your back hurts even when you’re simply working on your desk.

Lastly, if you are experiencing chronic pain, there should not be a question of whether or not you need to see a specialist.

Your Grip is Weaker

Perhaps you have never thought about your grip before, but it is how well you hold stuff in your hands. Athletes, professional climbers, and surgeons value this skill down to the core, but for regular people, it is something that you wouldn’t really notice. Not until you realize, you’re shaking when you take your mug to your hand and drink coffee. It is not only because of the caffeine ringing to your ears, it can already be a sign of weaker bones and muscles. Because of the lack of movement and exercise, the ligaments in your joints might need to be checked to regain a proper grip.

Simple movements such as these, do not need to be causing you problems, and so if it doesn’t then it’s time to see a specialist.

Working from home is something to be grateful for some, it has given them the opportunity to get the quality time they wanted with their families and kids, and even pets. But as we approach the second-year anniversary of the global lockdown, it is your responsibility to make sure that you are in good health.

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