Keeping Kids Healthy During the Warmer Months: What Can You Do?

Summer is the perfect time to relax and enjoy. However, the long summer break may also cause more harm than relaxation. One reason is because of the extreme heat; all around the world, there has been an observed 2% increase in the average surface temperature.

At the same time, people may be too relaxed and forget about their health during their summer. This is especially true among kids who wish to have fun in the sun, totally neglecting health priorities. It is then the parents’ priority to remind the kids and engage them in ways that will keep them healthy.


Nutrition is rarely a concern among kids, and the parents must remind the kids of the proper feed they need to eat. As the kids are still largely dependent on parents on which food items to consume, parents can easily prepare nutritious food.

Packing food for the kids can be done even if they have no classes. If they are going to spend a day in the camp, a hike, or the pool, parents can still pack healthy meals for them to bring. A nutritious meal pack includes fruits and vegetables mixed with some whole grains and protein.

Instead of giving the kids unhealthy sweetened drinks, parents can prepare a bottle of water for them. During the summer, water is essential to keep the kids hydrated. Most likely, the kids will be running and playing around the entire day; they will need water to replenish the lost ones.

Water can be less interesting for kids than sweetened drinks, though. As a solution, parents can add some fruits and infuse them with water to add a bit of flavor. In moderation, parents can also give kids pure fruit juices, maximum of one cup a day.

Hydration can also be provided through the food the kids consume. Fruits and vegetables like cucumber and watermelon are excellent sources of hydration. Meanwhile, sports drinks are only recommended for older kids who are highly active.

From time to time, it’s also okay to let the kids have their frozen treats. Enjoying it during the summer is part of their childhood experience. However, as much as possible, choose the healthier ones, such as popsicles made from 100% fruit juice.

As much as the food the children eat is essential, it is crucial to maintain a regular eating schedule, too. A regular eating schedule is easy when the children have school; it can be a challenge in the summer. Parents must ensure that the children stick to their regular mealtime and avoid frequent snacks.

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Physical Activities

Regardless if you’re a child or an adult, physical activities are essential. According to the Centers for Disease and Control Prevention, people benefit from physical activity in many ways. It helps builds strong muscles and bones, as well as reduce the risk of anxiety and depression.

The Michigan State University also mentions the benefits kids get from physical activities. It says that regular exercise among kids forms a good habit that they can take when they become adults. When they participate in team sports, kids can also develop interpersonal skills.

Having physical activities can also improve a child’s sleeping pattern. When they go back to school, kids who exercise more are observed to improve in academic performance. Additionally, children who participate in physical activities develop more self-confidence.

This is why during the summer, enrolling the kids in different activities is a great idea. It’s best to enroll them in activities they enjoy and are passionate about. For example, if a child loves to dance, enrolling them in hip hop classes or street dance may be a good idea.

Keeping them safe

Keeping kids healthy through the summer is also related to keeping them safe during the hot season. To keep their skin safe and healthy from sunburn, using sunscreen is crucial. An efficient sunscreen must have both UVA and UVB protection.

When going to the beach, a rash guard may be a better option to protect as much skin as possible from extreme heat. Letting them wear a hat will also shield their face from direct heat.

Additionally, a bug spray will come in handy when protecting kids from insects like mosquitoes and ticks. These insects also like to play during the summer; for sure, you don’t want them to play with your kids. A good option for bug sprays is those that are citronella-based.

Mental health

Lastly, summer is all about having fun and having a break. Keeping healthy physical and nutritional habits is fine, but also remember to enjoy summer. Mental health is essential, too, and chilling and just enjoying is part of nourishing one’s mental state.

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