Practicing Wellness during the Pandemic: a Guide to Staying at Home

We’ve talked extensively about the impact of the pandemic on our physical health and our finances. We’ve never fully realized that the biggest threat we now face is one of depression and anxiety. As people are uncertain about their futures, they will start to worry about the various aspects of their lives—jobs, mortgage, education, etc. These are the things we don’t normally see when we’re too busy trying to keep ourselves safe from a public health crisis.

And yet, after a year of heartbreaks and volatility, the world is facing its next biggest challenge: the new normal. What does it mean for the world to finally be vaccinated against the coronavirus but with no uncertainty whether there’s a new strain on the loose or even how long the vaccine will be effective. Although there is already an assurance that the world can go back to a bit of the normal it knows after vaccination, many still like to stay at home as much as possible and avoid big crowds.

Such isolation has an impact on the wellness of people. As social beings, people shouldn’t be away from their families and friends. They should be able to hug and kiss them; laugh with them without worrying if they’re becoming super-spreaders.

Thankfully, there’s a way to combat the stress of the pandemic at home. Being aware of how the pandemic affects your mental health and overall well-being is the first step. The second is recognizing what you have to do to stay sane during such uncertain times.

Pamper Yourself

It has been a stressful year, to say the least. Why not get a massage or go to the spa? Check out which spa and salons have the best safety precautions. The government has laid out plans on how these establishments can operate despite the pandemic. Ensure they’re following these protocols before going there so that you will feel safe and can enjoy your pamper session.

If you’re not comfortable about going out, get an electric body massager. It’s a one-time purchase that will provide a lifetime of relaxing massages. Plus, everyone in the family can get to enjoy a massage whenever they want.


Breathe in and breathe out. Breathing exercises have a lot to do with the state of your mental health. It can calm you down and help relax your thoughts. You should also do stretches in the morning. Ten minutes of stretches and yoga poses will bring awareness back to your body. It will also prepare your muscles for the often long and weary day.

Running is also an important exercise that you should integrate into your daily routine. You can run around the house or up and down the stairs. You can also do it around your backyard. If you feel comfortable in a public park, that’s the best place for a short sprint since sunshine, nature, and fresh air help the body make vitamin D.

Eat Well

Not too many people know that eating healthy food can also relieve them of stress. You cannot boost your immunity with supplements. There’s nothing like eating a well-balanced diet to give your body the energy it needs. Make sure to increase your consumption of green leafy vegetables and fruits. You should also stay away from sugar and bad fats. If you’re snacky, munch on almonds, dried fruits, and other types of nuts.

preparing healthy food


There is no better way to combat stress, anxiety, and the risk of depression than to sleep a complete six to eight hours a night. Even under the best of circumstances, many people don’t get adequate sleep because they don’t allow their brains to sign off. Prepare your body for a deep slumber by turning off the lights and reducing your screen time two hours before you go to bed. You should also avoid caffeinated and alcoholic drinks in the evening.

Stay Connected

Your health needs to stay connected with your family and friends even if you choose to isolate yourself at home. Humans are wired to connect. Even the most introverted of people will still need some level of human connection. Get creative with how you connect with your loved ones. For example, you can have dinner “together” via Zoom. You can also send a care package and postcards for some traditional methods of connecting.

Manage your stress levels at home by taking care of your mental health. It is as important as your physical health. Whether it’s a pandemic or not, it’s about time people recognize the critical role mental health plays in their lives and the lives of people around them.

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