With tooth loss comes oral health awareness

Unfortunately, it is only when an individual has lost a tooth do they really begin to recognise the importance of a fully functional smile. Tooth loss can happen due to a number of factors and it isn’t always about cavities and poor oral hygiene habits.

Some unlucky individuals lose a tooth through an accident or injury and often this happens in their youth. This means that they face the rest of their lives with the complications that missing teeth present unless they choose a tooth replacement option that is long-lasting, durable and convenient.

Thankfully, dental implants Clapham can offer solutions for both individuals who have lost a single tooth through injury as well as for those who have lost several or all of their teeth due to age or poor health. This treatment can be tailored to suit the individual needs of every patient, as long as they are relatively fit and healthy and have no underlying health conditions that might compromise their ability to heal from the minor surgical procedure.

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How does this treatment work?

A dentist will determine whether their patient is suitable for this treatment and if they are, explain the process that needs to be undertaken in order to achieve a fully functional and complete smile again. For those who have had missing teeth for a long time or have worn dentures for many years, this might include a sinus lift to add extra bone into the jaw to ensure enough dentistry is present to support the implant and crown.

A titanium metal rod is surgically inserted into the jaw bone at a precise location that has been digitally decided for maximum comfort and minimal healing time. This single implant can be supporting one tooth, several teeth as a bridge or be one of two implants that support a single arch for complete denture stabilisation.

Titanium is used because it is known to bind with bone which allows dentists to confidently assure their patient that they can enjoy decades of use out of the single treatment. Other tooth replacement procedures cannot offer this kind of durability and longevity, so for those younger individuals who have lost a tooth, this style of treatment is preferable and generally cost-effective in the long run.

Once the implant has been inserted, most dentists wait until this has healed before attaching the crown or bridge. A temporary tooth might be affixed, it depends on the location of the missing tooth and the general situation that their patient presents with.

Crowns are extremely realistic in their feel and appearance. A dentist will match the tooth colour with the surrounding teeth and ensure the shape of the tooth allows for comfortable biting and chewing. It is designed specifically for the patient with all considerations thought of.

For those people who are tired of feeling embarrassed with their uncomfortable and unreliable dentures or because they have a visible missing tooth, replacing it not only helps them emotionally but ensures that their fully-functional smile remains healthy and strong for years to come.

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