Pregnancy and Dental Procedures: Should You or Should You Not?

Pregnancy presents a lot of unique health issues for women. Simple tasks become burdensome to perform, and comfort is a far-away dream that’s very rarely achieved. That’s not to mention how many harmless things and scents can make you feel sick in a matter of seconds. You can imagine how much worse these all tend to be when you’re at a dentist appointment.

If, like several pregnant women, you’re wondering if you should even schedule one, then here’s the answer once and for all: yes, you should. Working with dentists while you’re pregnant is crucial to your oral health. That said, there are many other considerations you need to make and things you need to know about getting a dental procedure.

Dentist Appointments Are Crucial

Pregnant women are at higher risk of suffering from oral conditions like gingivitis and cavities. Your hormones’ drastic fluctuations make you especially prone to getting more bacteria in your mouth and experiencing bouts of gum inflammation. You may feel as though these are inconsequential simply because they’re normal and minor problems. Delaying treatment, however, can aggravate them and require more complex treatments down the road. The worst part is that you can actually pass down bacteria to your baby.

The solution is to maintain your regular dental visits to get your teeth cleaned and checked. The likelihood of scheduling and even showing up to the dentists’ office after giving birth is slim. The chances are big that you’ll be too busy making sure your newborn is healthy to even look after your own health. By getting your regular treatment while pregnant, you can reduce the risk of emergencies in the future that can keep you from nursing your child.

Tooth Extractions are Possible

The good news is that you can safely get your tooth extracted during your pregnancy. In fact, you can expect that the majority of procedures are available to you with some minor changes to ensure your baby’s safety. Whether or not your dentist will indulge you is another matter entirely, however. You’ll encounter many dentists who’ll prefer to postpone certain procedures until after you give birth to prevent even the slightest chance of complications.

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Still, there are times when procedures must be done during pregnancy because of severe pain, infection, or permanent oral damage. When the benefits eclipse the risks, your dentist will see to it that you’re treated at once to prevent you from getting sick. If your current dentist doesn’t specialize in the procedure you need, look for reputable ones who can perform your oral surgery. Kokomo, Indiana alone should give you a considerable list of professionals who can cater to your specific needs. Reduce the hazards by doing your research and getting a second opinion before proceeding with intricate treatments.

Timing Is Everything

Another big consideration you need to make is timing. The challenges your pregnancy will cause differ per trimester. The popular advice leans towards the second trimester as the most logical time to get dental procedures. This is because you’ll likely be in the best shape to sit still for a long time without any major discomfort. The third trimester can make the baby’s weight burdensome on a dental chair, and the first trimester will see you suffering from bouts of nausea due to the fetus’s development.

Again, procedures that can wait until after giving birth shouldn’t be forced unless it’s an emergency. Expect that local anesthesia is okay, but anything that involves sedation is not. The same applies to pain medications and other after-treatment procedures.

Overall, coordinate with your dentist and midwife or OB-GYN to agree on the benefits and risks of getting certain treatments in what trimester.

Make Dental Hygiene a Priority

Take extra care of your dental hygiene, just like you would other aspects of your health. You’ll be surprised at how many complications can arise from neglecting to floss and use mouth wash regularly. Lastly, always use products that are safe for pregnant women. You and your baby will be glad for all the precautions you commit to.

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